Varner inmate dies following escape attempt

Vann Tucker, 29, a Varner inmate serving a life sentence, died at 8:57 p.m. Tuesday from injuries sustained Saturday morning while trying to escape.

Tucker, who was seriously injured, died at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at Little Rock, Arkansas Department of Correction spokeswoman Shea Wilson said.

Tucker attempted to escape just before 9 a.m. Saturday by first climbing over the internal security fence, which is approximately 12 feet high and topped with razor wire, but fell to the concrete and severely injured his head.

However, Tucker then made contact with the electrified “lethal” fence just a few feet away from the internal fence. Tucker also sustained burns from the electrified fence but did not receive a full shock, which would have killed him, Wilson said.

He was transported by ambulance to Jefferson Regional Medical Center, where it was determined he suffered trauma to the head. He was later airlifted to UAMS in Little Rock.

“I think his injuries are more connected to his fall but he did receive a couple of shocks,” Wilson said prior to Tucker’s death.

Tucker, who once briefly escaped from the Grimes Unit in a dump truck before being quickly recaptured, was serving a life sentence for aggravated robbery, habitual offender, and aggravated residential burglary, habitual offender, charges out of Pope County. He had been in prison on those charges since May 13, 2009.