Sheriff’s Office offers safe driving tips for holiday

With the Thanksgiving holiday being one of the biggest for travel, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is offering some tips for arriving without incident as part of their “Operation Safe Travel.”

“Lots of people here in Jefferson County will begin their holidays today as they travel to visit with family and friends and enjoy the traditional holiday feast,” Major Lafayette Woods Jr., said. “As such, we want to remind motorists to take precautions and follow standard safety procedures to ensure the roadways are safe for all travelers.”

Woods said those safety procedures include wearing safety belts and making sure children are in appropriate child safety seats, obeying posted speeds, and being aware of other drivers and surroundings. In addition, motorists should expect it will take additional time to reach some destinations because of increased traffic.

“We also want to reiterate that motorists should never drink and drive and assign a designated driver if drinking is planned,” Woods said.

“From a law enforcement perspective, we know all too well how even even the most prudent and cautious person can still be seriously hurt or even killed by things beyond their control,” Woods said. “Accidents and injuries resulting from the negligence of other people happen every day, and innocents do perish from the intentional or grossly negligent actions of others.”

Because the Thanksgiving holiday is also the busiest shopping period of the year, Woods said holiday thieves and con artists are “frequently on the prowl.

“Please notify us when you are planning an extended absence,” he said. “Our deputies can issue a vacation watch or direct extra patrol for homes in Jefferson County.”

To request the extra patrol or vacation watch, go to the sheriff’s department website at and click on the department’s tab to scroll down to the Patrol Division.

“Once the Patrol Division is selected, users can click on the word Extra Patrol highlighted in blue in order to download the appropriate form,” Woods said. “Upon completion, please fax the form to 870-541-5379 or simply call our non-emergency number at 870-541-5300.”