September school election will be limited to early and absentee voting

There will be no election day polling this September for the Jefferson County school board elections, but that does not mean that ballots cannot be cast.

The Jefferson County Election Commission determined that because all candidates are running unopposed and there will be no additional measures on the ballot, voters will have the choice of early voting at the County Clerk’s Office in the Jefferson County Courthouse or casting an absentee ballot.

“Voters will come in to the Clerk’s Office and sign a piece of paper,” County Election Coordinator Will Fox said Friday. “Then they will be given a paper ballot that they will take into a booth for privacy. All of this will be done within the Clerk’s Office.”

The commission also exercised its option of authorizing the exclusive use of paper ballots with the agreement of the county clerk.

“This will be a considerable savings to school districts,” Fox said. “The average school board election typically runs $20,000 when polling sites and electronic voting machines are used. For this election I would expect it to run in the neighborhood of $5,000.”

Fox said the savings are generated by not having to pay poll workers and not having to incur the expense of preparing, setting up and taking down the county’s electronic voting machines.