Security camera proposal is up for 2nd reading by aldermen

An ordinance calling for a requirement that fast food restaurants, filling stations and convenience stores install and maintain surveillance cameras is scheduled for a second reading at Monday’s 5:30 p.m. Pine Bluff City Council meeting. The council session will follow a 3:30 p.m. public safety committee meeting during which public comments on the measure will be received.

The ordinance, sponsored by Alderman George Stepps, includes a proposed penalty of $300 to $1,000 for each violation. The measure currently states that a “separate and discrete violation occurs each day that the individual operates an establishment that is out of compliance,” and that the “owner, operator, manager of clerk” will be held responsible for ensuring compliance.

Eleven other ordinances and three resolutions are also on the council meeting agenda.

Ordinances slated for third and final readings call for:

• Amending the current code of ordinances concerning the basis for calculating the city’s privilege and occupation tax for adult daycare and childcare centers.

• Providing for the rezoning of property at 1115 Commerce Road to neighborhood business.

• Consenting to the change of control of the cable television franchise.

Other ordinances to receive a second reading call for:

• Closing a portion of Clark Drive.

• Providing for the reimbursement of police officers and fireman for the expense of repair or replacing uniforms and turnouts damaged or destroyed in the line of duty.

Ordinances scheduled for a first reading call for:

• Waiving competitive bidding and authorizing the mayor to contract Reynolds Construction Co. of White Hall for improvements to the roof of Saenger Theatre, and declaring an emergency.

• Waiving competitive bidding and authorizing the mayor to contract Robbins Engineering PLLC of Little Rock for a structural assessment of Saenger Theatre, and declaring an emergency.

• Authorizing a short-term financing agreement with Pine Bluff National Bank to acquire four police vehicles, and declaring an emergency.

• Amending the current code of ordinances regarding provisions of the city’s retirement system.

• Amending the zoning code.

• Amending an ordinance to close a portion of an alley in Block 18 of Eureka Heights, Addition No. 4.

The resolutions call for:

• Directing that the finance department include in the 2013 annual budget the sum of $100,000 for funding youth summer employment programs.

• Approving an agreement with Waste Management Arkansas Inc. for a waiver of the annual residential garbage rate adjustment provided for in the city’s franchise.

• Providing for placemen of costs of corrected certain nuisances on tax books as delinquent taxes and collected as such.

The ordinance and resolutions, and ways and means committees will meet at 5 p.m.