Robinson raises 3 times as much cash as McLemore in sheriff’s race

Incumbent Jefferson County Sheriff Gerald Robinson has raised more than three times as much money as his challenger, according to campaign contribution and expenditure reports filed in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office Tuesday.

The two will face each other in Tuesday’s general election.

The report showed that Robinson, a Democrat, has received $50,612.91 in contributions, including $21,261.66 that he received prior to the Democratic primary where he was unopposed. He has spent $38,479.24 and had a balance of $12,133.67.

Independent candidate Roger McLemore began his campaign with $1,399.47 in the bank, and has received contributions totaling $14,082.92. He has spent $14,497.09 and has a balance of $1,623.53. McLemore also loaned his campaign a total of $1,737.43.

Contributors to Robinson’s campaign and the amounts they contributed were as follows:


Jefferson County Democratic Committee


Anderson Electric of Pine Bluff


Robinson, Zarkzewski PA

Sissy’s Log Cabin


Bob Abbott

Charles Anderson

Brown Funeral Home

O.C. Cannon Jr.

Jimmie McKissack Investments

Mark G. Robinson


Mrs. J.L. Wilson


Jesse Briggs


Arkansas Farm Equipment

Cassandra McFadden


W.C. Bridgforth

Stephen Broughton

J. McBeth

Robert Rayford

Walter Simpson

Peter Smykla Jr.

Contributors to McLemore and the amount they contributed:


Raised during a barbeque fundraiser at Harbor Oaks. No individual names were listed as contributors.


Raised through raffle ticket sales at Gunslinger Gun store. No individual names were listed as contributors.


Sue Deneke


Raised through a barbeque lunch at Snack n Shop at White Hall. No individual names were listed as contributors.


Animal Hospital on Olive


Tom Lively

Tracy Phillips, M.D.


Joe Scott


Milton Hughes

Jan Dewoody Scussel

Dixie Aero Service

Kenneth Robinson


Thomas McLemore

Robert Dill

Barbara Fels

Joe Richmond

Stone Timber Co.

Quam Inc.


W. Rayburn Holloway