Reported crime in PB shows slight increase in October

After 10 straight months of decreases in reported crime in Pine Bluff, an increase in thefts and aggravated assaults resulted in a 5.38 percent increase in October, compared to the same month in 2011.

There were 509 total crimes reported last month, 26 more than for October 2011.

For the year however, reported crimes are down 13.06 percent compared to 2011.

Capt. Greg Shapiro said some of the increase in thefts was the result of thefts from vehicles, particularly thefts of wheels from 2009 to 2012 Chevrolet Camaros.

“These are popular among auto thieves who have an affinity for General Motors vehicles,” Shapiro said. “We encourage people to invest in wheel lug/nut locks to protect their investment.”

For the month, there were 182 thefts reported, compared to 169 from October 2011. Reported burglaries increased from 125 in October 2011 to 128 last month, while auto thefts decreased by one from 14 to 13.

As far as crimes against persons was concerned, there were 11 more aggravated assaults last month (34) than in 2011 (23). Reported rapes and attempted rapes increased from three to four, and robberies from 17 to 19.

There were 128 reported simple assaults last month, three fewer than in October 2011, and one murder, the same as the previous year.

Shapiro reported that from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31, the department has handled 46,132 incidents which includes 1,350 motor vehicle accidents on city streets and highways, and another 627 private lot accidents.

For the same period a year ago, police handled 47,839 incidents.

In October, there were 211 accidents on streets or highways and another 47 on private parking lots, according to figures from the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Association. Last year in October, police investigated 206 accidents on streets and 32 on prancing lots.

The report from MECA showed 4,016 separate incidents that required a police presence last month, compared to 4,317 in October 2011, or a seven percent decrease.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department numbers

Figures from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for last month showed that the department investigated 182 incidents in unincorporated areas, compared to 230 in October 2011. There were nine burglaries reported in October, compared to three in 2011 and 35 reported thefts last month compared to 43 in 2011.

Four auto thefts were reported last month, compared to seven in October, 2011. In terms of crime against persons, there was one aggravated assault last month compared to three reported in October 2011, and two simple assaults, compared to one for the same month last year. There was one robbery reported in the county last month, and none for October, 2011.