Quorum Court expected to approve shifting money in environmental officer budget

A proposed ordinance transferring funds within the 2013 budget for the Jefferson County environmental officer is expected to be approved by the Quorum Court when they meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday.

The proposal calls for moving $500 from the budget item labeled tires and tubes to the clothing and uniform allowance, and $2,100 from the line item labeled fuel, oil and lubricants to the general supplies category.

No additional funds will be needed and the overall 2013 budget of $26,933 for the position will not change.

Also Monday, a proposed appropriation ordinance adding $4,500 to the County Treasurer’s budget is also expected to be approved.

County Treasurer Elizabeth Rinchuso said in a letter to County Judge Dutch King and Finance Committee Chairman Herman Ginger the funds will be used to pay the difference between the $10,000 she has in her budget for computer maintenance and the actual cost of the services.

No additional funds will be needed from County General because the money will come from the Treasurer’s Automation Fund.

Rinchuso said the appropriation is one that she asks for each year.

A resolution reappointing Lou Taylor to a three-year term on the Jefferson County Equalization Board is also on the agenda. Taylor’s previous term expired June 1, and with the reappointment, he would serve until May 31, 2016.