Quorum Committees to consider agreement between county recycling and sheriff’s Clean Team

A proposed agreement to hire the sheriff’s department Clean Team to provide labor for the county Recycling Department will be considered when committees of the Jefferson County Quorum Court meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Quorum Courtroom.

According to a memorandum from Daniel Marks of the Jefferson County Judge’s Office, an increase in recycling activities requires additional labor to sort the materials, and the Clean Team can provide that labor.

The proposed agreement provides that the sheriff’s department will be paid $2,000 per month, with additional compensation of 15 percent of the net revenue generated from the sale of the recycled material handled by the Clean Team.

Marks said this agreement will also help somewhat in reducing the revenue shortage the county is experiencing, and as the recycling program expands, the compensation paid to the sheriff’s department will increase.

According to the proposed agreement, services of the Clean Team will be provided up to five days a week to sort material, clean facilities and other reasonable duties as assigned. Those services will be provided for 12 months, and the agreement, if approved by the Quorum Court, can be terminated by either party with a 30-day notice.

Also Tuesday, the county’s legislative body will consider a proposed appropriation ordinance that would transfer proceeds from the recent auction of surplus property and vehicles to various departments.

According to the proposed ordinance, the county cleared $120,113.85 from the auction, and that figure will be divided among the various agencies as follows:

• County Buildings — $3,901

• County Road Fund — $14,110

• Recycling Fund — $39,820

• County General — $62,282.85

A memorandum from Sheriff Gerald Robinson indicated that the money going into County General was from the sale of used sheriff’s department vehicles and insurance claims, and he asked that those funds be transferred to the sheriff’s office vehicle budget.

A proposed appropriation ordinance that would transfer $2,670 from the Assessor’s Amendment 79 fund to county general, then to assessor’s salary budget is also to be considered.

Assessor Yvonne Humphrey said in a memorandum to Judge Dutch King that the workload to process homestead credits has tripled in the last few years, and rather than hire additional staff, she wants to increase the duties of one office employee to do the work.

The requested money would be compensation to that employee, and would be at no additional cost to the county because the amendment said funds from Amendment 79 can be used for personnel, equipment, services and postage.

Other items on the agenda include:

• A resolution reappointing George A. Makris Jr., and Scott McGeorge to the Board of Directors of the Economic Development Corporation of Jefferson County for five-year terms, beginning May 9, and ending May 8, 2015. The board administers the proceeds from the three-eights cent sales tax approved by county voters for economic development.

• An appropriation ordinance transferring $4,444.20 from the County Buildings Department to the County Judge’s Office to cover additional duties taken on by personnel in that office. In a memorandum to the Quorum Court, King said he has decided to eliminate the position of Office Manager of the County Building’s Department and divide the duties of that office among the existing staff.

The current Housekeeping Supervisor will take over direct management of the housekeeping staff and clerical duties. The Executive Secretary in his office will assume responsibility for taking calls for maintenance and dispatching the appropriate staff to handle those requests, and the Accounts Manager/Access Control Manager will be responsible for all time and activity reports of the County Buildings staff.

King said the reorganization will ultimately save the county $24,484.16 in salary and benefits.