Quorum Committeees to consider shifting funds in Environmental Officer’s budget

Moving money around in the budget of the Jefferson County Environmental Officer is to be considered when committees of the Quorum Court meet Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the county courthouse.

The proposed appropriation ordinance would increase the officer’s clothing allowance by $500, with a corresponding reduction in the budget for tires and tubes.

The amount available for general supplies for the officer would increase from $50 to $2,100, with a similar amount cut from the amount budgeted for fuel, oil and lubricants.

According to the ordinance, the overall 2013 budget for the environmental officer, $26,933 will not change.

Also on the short agenda for the county’s legislative body is a proposed appropriation ordinance of $4,500 for computer services for the Treasurer’s Office.

County Treasurer Elizabeth Rinchuso said in a memorandum to Justice of the Peace Herman Ginger and County Judge Dutch King that the requested funds will pay the difference between the $10,000 in her budget for computer maintenance and the actual cost associated with the service.

The money would be taken from the Treasurer’s Automation Fund, and no funds from County General will be needed.

Rinchuso said the appropriation is one that she requests each year.

A resolution reappointing Lou Taylor to a three-year term on the Jefferson County Equalization Board is also scheduled to be discussed.

Taylor’s current term expired June 1, and if reappointed, would serve until May 31, 2016.