Police release robbery suspect

A woman who was arrested Friday night after she allegedly tried to hit an off-duty police officer with her vehicle and was shot by the officer was released over the weekend.

Deputy Police Chief Kevlin Sergeant said in a press release Sunday that Crystal Gonzales, 34, was released pending further investigation and a review of the investigation results by the prosecutor’s office.

Sergeant said the department is conducting both a criminal investigation and an internal investigation into the actions of the officer, whose name has not been released and who was placed on administrative leave with pay.

The off-duty officer, who was working security at Dillard’s, reportedly tried to arrest Gonzales for shoplifting at about 7 p.m. and she fled from the store. She allegedly tried to hit the officer with her vehicle and was shot. After the confrontation with the officer, Gonzales drove away and was arrested without incident a few minutes later.

In the press release, Sergeant said additional details concerning the incident will be provided when the internal and criminal investigations are completed.

Gonzales received a minor injury to the arm as a result of the shot and was taken to Jefferson Regional Medical Center where she was treated and released.