Ordinances to cover state grants approved by quorum committees

With no discussion, three appropriation ordinances for the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management were recommended for approval by committees of the Jefferson County Quorum Court Tuesday.

The meeting was the first of the year for new County Judge Dutch King, and for three new justices of the peace, Reginald Adams, Roy Agee and Morris Caldwell, who all took office Jan. 1.

The ordinances were to cover grants from the Federal Department of Homeland Security through the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, then to Jefferson County.

One of the grants was for $23,582.27 and is designated for law enforcement terrorism prevention activities while the second grant of $42,279.09 is designated for the State Homeland Security program.

In past years, funds from those two grants have been used to purchase and upgrade equipment for law enforcement agencies and fire departments in the county, among other things.

The two ordinances call for the money to be taken from the county general fund for cash-flow purposes, then returned to the general fund when the state sends payments to the county.

Office of Emergency Management coordinator Karen Quarles said the two grants must be kept separately and the county must pay for all purchases first, then the county will request reimbursement from the state after invoices and proof of payments is submitted.

A third ordinance would transfer $16,838.30 that has been deposited in the general fund from an insurance settlement to the Office of Emergency Management to cover the costs of repairs to an electronic highway sign.

An ordinance establishing and adopting policies and procedures for the Quorum Court that is required by state law was also recommended for approval.

That ordinance among other things sets out when committee and regular meetings will be conducted, sets out nine standing committees, and provides that all requests go through the committee system.

All the ordinances will be voted on when the county’s legislative body meets Monday at 5:30 p.m. in the Quorum Courtroom at the County Courthouse.