Murder suspect awaiting extradition from Texas

Murder suspect Samuel Kimmons, 26, was in the Dallas County Jail in Texas on Friday afternoon awaiting a Tuesday court hearing to pave the way for his extradition back to Arkansas, according to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Major Lafayette Woods.

Kimmons is wanted in connection with the murder of Carol Baker, 54, who was shot at the Lakeview Apartments in Pine Bluff May 27. He was arrested about 3 a.m. Thursday in the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas.

“Unbeknownst to us Kimmons was transferred from the Irving City Jail to the Dallas County Jail in response to a warrant for his arrest from Tarrant County, Texas,” Woods said. “We were first told that Kimmons would be released to whichever jurisdiction got there first but considering we are more than five and a half hours away that didn’t sound too good to us.”

Woods said that after he explained that Kimmons is wanted in Pine Bluff on a capital murder charge the Texas authorities agreed to give that charge priority over others.

“The only thing we need now is for Kimmons to go before a magistrate in Texas on Tuesday,” Woods said. “Our indication is that Kimmons will not fight extradition back to Arkansas. We understand that he wants to come back to Pine Bluff and take care of his business. The judge in Dallas County will give Kimmons a waiver of jurisdiction to sign. Once he is released to us our deputies will transport him back to Pine Bluff.”

Kimmons is among four suspects in the shooting death of Baker. Three other suspects; Kendal Porter, 23, Fitzpatrick Kemp, 34, and Michael Rentals,, 19, were arrested within a day after the shooting. They are currently being held without bond on probable cause of capital murder.