Money for Coroner’s Office on Quorum committees’ agenda

A request for additional money by the Jefferson County Coroner will be considered when committees of the Quorum Court meet Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

As he has done for the past several years, Coroner Chad Kelley said in a letter to County Judge Dutch King and members of the county’s legislative body that the money currently remaining in his maintenance and operations budget will not last until the end of the year.

Kelley wants an additional $4,000 for general supplies, $4,000 for fuel, oil and lubricants, $1,000 for vehicle maintenance, $2,000 for mobile phones and pagers, $1,000 for dues and subscriptions, $1,000 for mileage, meals and lodging, and $1,000 for training and continuing education, for a total of $15,000.

The letter also broke down each category, with Kelley saying that the general supplies request includes not only copy paper, case folders and office supplies but also body bags, heavy duty latex gloves, syringes with needles, cooler expenses and transport services when the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory is unable to bring the body of a deceased person back to a funeral home in a timely fashion.

Kelley said the request for fuel, oil and lubricants is a result of the office working more cases, frequent trips to the Crime Laboratory, and additional maintenance on vehicles because of the increased work load.

The dues and subscriptions category includes access to the Internet to contact the Crime Laboratory regarding pending autopsy results and access to the Arkansas State Police website for information on fatality accidents., as well as the monthly security system fee.

Also on the agenda Tuesday is a proposed appropriation ordinance that would transfer $20,000 from line items in the adult jail fund to summer youth programs sponsored by the City of Pine Bluff.

Sheriff Gerald Robinson said in a letter to King that $15,000 of the funds would come from commission received from the Inmate Commissary and the remaining $5,000 from money the Clean Team has received.

No new money would be required.

Also Tuesday, the county’s legislative body will consider the establishment of a fund and 2013 budget to cover a $10,700 grant that has been received from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Voting System Grant Fund.

According to a letter from Rob Hammonds, director of the Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office, the funds must be spent within one year.

A resolution opposing the Blueway Designation of the White River because of a lack of notification, public hearings and definitions in the memorandum of understanding is also on the agenda Tuesday.