Local effects of Entergy job cut announcement yet to be determined

The local fallout from a Tuesday announcement by Entergy Arkansas that it will be eliminating 165 jobs in the state has yet to be determined, according to a company spokesperson.

The announcement was part of a wider move by parent company Entergy to cut 800 jobs throughout its service area, including 240 employees in Louisiana.

“Who will be affected is part of an ongoing process,” said Sally Graham of Entergy Arkansas. “These will be mostly management positions. We know that they are not going to be the linemen and the rest of the folks who get the power back on after a storm.”

Graham said that the process should be completed by the end of the year.

“All eligible, impacted employees will be offered competitive severance packages,” Graham said.

Graham said that the latest job cuts are unrelated to the 2012 decision made by Entergy to consolidate its six service centers into two.

“The service center jobs in Pine Bluff will be reassigned to either Little Rock or Jackson, Miss.,” Graham said.

Graham said that a pending transaction involving Entergy and electricity transmission company ITC will determine if some Pine Bluff jobs ultimately are eliminated.

“If the transaction goes through, then the energy delivery employees will become part of ITC Holdings Corporation,” Graham said. “But if it does not go through, then Entergy will be reviewing those positions for possible inclusion in job reduction plans.”