Jefferson County Road Department report

The following is the weekly Jefferson County Road Department and Recycling report.

May 24

• Bridge Crew: The bridge was checked on Cantrell Road and the debris was cleared away from around the bridge. The right-of-way was cut on Peaceful Valley Road.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Ashley, Louise, Moss, Hardin Road North, Evans Road and Butram.

• Culvert Crew: Installed a pipe on Toler Road. Patched a pipe on Sunset Lane and used 10 yards of gravel to cover pipe. A pipe was unstopped on Dogwood Forrest Lane.

• Heavy Equipment Operators: At the recycling center on Gravel Pit Road, a hole was dug to bury tire chips.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled gravel to Tera Lane to spread on the road and 10 yards of gravel was hauled to Sunset Lane.

• Grader Operators: Graded Peaceful Valley Road, Tera, Gilliand Road, State Farm Road and Altheimer East Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: Tucker, Lincoln-Jefferson County Line Road, Peaceful Valley Road, Wheeler Chapel Road and mowed in the Tucker and Wright area.

• Sign Shop: Put road sign up on Marsell and Butram Roads. Put stop sign up on Marsell Road. Fixed the road sign at South Evans and Butram Road. Put road sign up at NCTR and Arkansas 365. Checked roads for signs that had been torn down.

• Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping on Tera Lane, Sunset Lane, Celia Road, Atkins Lake Road, Ruggeri Road, Newton Road, Bitely Road, Otto Hall Road, Pinebergen Road and Kingswood Estate Road.

May 25

Because of the heavy rain, many of the roads washed out and many had more potholes than normal so several employees were called out on Saturday to grade roads and fill potholes.

• Potholes were filled with cold mix on East Baldwin Road, West Baldwin Road, Hill Crest, Scogins, Musgrove Road, Old Dollarway Road, Langrell Land, Graves Road, Willow Pond Drive, Vernon Street, Meadowlark Drive, Meadowpond Drive, Harvest Drive, Victory Lane and Wagon Trace Road.

May 28

• Bridge Crew: Two yards of rip rock were put under the bridge on Lowman Drive Inset. The right-of-way was cut on Dogwood Forrest, Jacks Road and Curtis Road.

• Patching Crew: Patched potholes on Gilliand Road with two yards of cold mix.

• Culvert Crew and Heavy Equipment Operators: A culvert was installed on Toler Road and covered with eight yards of gravel. A hole was dug to bury tire chips at the recycling center.

• Truck Drivers: Five loads of gravel were taken to German Springs Road. Also hauled rip rock to Lowman Road to put under the bridge.

• Grader Operators: Huntley Trail, Hudson Road, Mulberry Road, Willie Jackson Road, Kelley and Clint Henderson Roads were graded and 15 yards of red gravel was spread on German Springs Road.

• Ditching Crew: A pipe was put on Old Warren Road and the ditch was cleaned out on Dawson Road.

• Boom Mower Road: The grass was cut on Wheeler Chapel Road and Jefferson-Lincoln County Line Road.

• Sign Shop: A stop sign was put up at Summers Road and Princeton Pike. Signs were also put up on Mt. Olive Road, Crossett Road, Fallis Road, Sullivan Road, Providence Road and two road signs were put up on Summers Road. A speed limit sign was put up on Hardin Reed Road.

• Environmental Officer: Inspected areas for illegal dumping and trashy yards on Osborn Road, Chalmette, Paper Mill Road, Charles Wooden Road, Louis Ramsay, Andrews, Lovelace Road, Rob Roy, Gilliand, Island Harbor Road and Riverside Drive.

May 29

• Bridge Crew: The right-of-way was cut on Serenity Lane.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes with cold mix on Gilliand Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled gravel to road department for stockpile and hauled red gravel and red rock to German Springs Road. Hauled tires to the recycling center to be buried.

• Grader Operators: Graded German Springs Road and put 14 yards of washed rock and three loads of red gravel on the road. Graded Garrett Road, Longbell and Wabbaseka Road.

• Boom Mower Crew: The grass was cut on Mitchell Road, Jim Ford Road and Jefferson-Lincoln County Line Road.

• Sign Shop: Made and put signs up on Jed Road, Refuge Road, Straughn Road. Made a one call for Willis Road and Princeton Pike for strop sign. Worked in shop making signs that are needed for roads.

• Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping on Celia Road, Charles Wooten, Stagecoach Road, River Road, NCTR Road, Mitchell Road, Joe T. Henlsey, Rainey Road and Lock and Dam Road.

• Many employees were involved in a CPR Training Class and another class will be scheduled later.

May 30

• Bridge Crew: Checked bridges in Jefferson County.

• Patching Crew: Filled potholes on Tracy Road and Kearney Road.

• Truck Drivers: Hauled tire chips at the recycling center to the area where they will be buried.

• Grader Operators: Gibb Anderson, Freeman Road, Jeter, Cantrell, Gilliand and Hartley Dump Road were graded. Also graded Surfside, Pine Ridge, Cascade, misty Creek Road, Shepherd Hill, Serenity Lane and Old Star City Road. The shoulders were cut on Clint Henderson Road. Sprayed roads to kill the grass and weeds in the ditches on Earl Chadick, McMinney, Trulock Bay Road and around the bridges and signs.

• Boom Mower Crew: The grass was cut on Jefferson-Lincoln County Line Road.

• Sign Shop: Made and put up signs on Claud Road, Sundown Lane, Adams Road, Boys Training School Road and cleaned around the stop sign on Adams Road.

• Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping and trashy yards on Byrd Road, Chaney, Wilderness, Brenda, Shelly Drive, Kimmel Road, West McKinney, North Pack Road and Bennett Road.

Sanitation and Recycling Center

• Jefferson County ground 79.13 tons of tires.

• Hauled in five tire boxes, four paper boxes, and two trash boxes.

• Hauled in three trash trailers. Hauled out three trash trailers.

• Hauled 9.21 tons of trash to Waste Management.