Jefferson County Road Department report

The Jefferson County Road Department worked on a number of projects last week, according to its weekly report.

• Feb. 1

Bridge Crew: Inspected bridges on and around Crooked Creek.

Patching Crew: Patched potholes on Wilbur West, Sandy Bayou, St. Raphael and Pleasant Drive.

Culvert Crews: Installed culverts on Hardin Road.

Heavy Equipment Operators: Worked in the Altheimer and Wabbaseka areas and also on the stockpile at the county courthouse.

Gravel Hauled: From Little Rock to the Road Department and to Crooked Creek and Harlan Road to use as needed while work was being performed.

Grader Operators: Graded Gibb Anderson, Swan Lake area, Wright area, German Springs, Castro, Alford, Sassafras Road and Apian Way.

Ditching Crews: Cleaned out ditches on Harlan and Crooked Creek Road.

Mowing Ditches: Earl Chadick Road, Abernathy Haynes Road and Bruce Trail.

Environmental Officer: Inspected areas in Moscow, Ladd and White Hall for illegal dumping.

• Feb. 4

Bridge Crew: Inspected bridges.

Patching Crew: Patched potholes in the Redfield area off of River Road, They also worked on Lee Springs Road and in the Sulphur Springs area.

Culvert Crew: Worked in the Altheimer area removing beaver dams.

Equipment Crew: Went to the Altheimer area to clean out beaver dams and also worked on the back lot/stock pile.

Truck Drivers: Hauled gravel from Little Rock to the Road Department.

Grader Operators: Graded Grider Field Road, Swan Lake, Wright area, Reydell area, Wabbaseka area, Highway 365 area working toward Redfield off Stagecoach Road, Chandler, Baugh Road, Davis Place, Stedham Road, Lampkin Road, Highway 104 area, Pinecreek, Skoal Road, Sweeney Road, E. E. Baldwin Road, Horn Drive, Arabian Drive. The washout on Peaceful Valley Road was also repaired.

Ditching Crew: Cleaned out the ditch on Harlan Road.

Boom Mower Crew: Worked on Townsend Road, Belmont Road, Bruce Trail mowing and cutting limbs from the storm.

Sign Shop: Put up bridge warning signs on State Farm Road, Altheimer East Road, also checked signs in the Tamo and Moscow area.

Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping on NCTR Road, St. Raphael Road, Old Warren Road, Highway 65 south area, Sorrells Road, Bruce Trail and Middle Warren Road.

• Feb. 5

Bridge Foreman: Inspected bridges in Jefferson County.

Boom Mower Crew: Mowed ditches on Belmont Road, Tas Road and Bruce Trail.

Sign Shop: Put up dead end sign on Shine Road, put a stop sign back up on Bruce Trail and Princeton Pike Road, put bridge marking up at Jefferson Parkway. Completed the day making signs at the sign shop.

Environmental Officer: Inspected areas of Highway 79 south, Reydell Road, Rob Roy Road and Swan Lake Road.

• Feb. 6

Bridge Crew: Cut trees and debris from bridge/ cleaned out beaver dams on Harlan Road.

Patching Crew: Filled potholes in the Jefferson area, Highway 270 area, and Princeton Pike.

Culvert Crew: Moved concrete for the city of Altheimer and worked on the back lot of the Road Department. Equipment Operators: Helped with the removal of concrete for the city of Altheimer.

Gravel Hauled: From Little Rock to the Road Department.

Grader Crews: Graded McIntire Road, McGaughy, Swan Lake area, Wabbaseka area, graded Mulberry Road and spread gravel on the road, Crane Cove, Stedham Road, graded and spread gravel on the road, Carter Road, Morrison, White Hall Saddle Club.

Ditching Crew: Ditched on Harlan Road.

Boom Mower Crew: Mowed ditches on Joe T. Hensley and Watkins Road, Tas Road, Hooker Road, Webster Road, Summers Road and Brantley Road. Sign Shop: Worked in the shop making signs.

Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping in the Cherrywood subdivision in the Redfield area.

Feb. 7

Bridge Crew: Checked bridges in the Rob Roy area, Morgan Road, Reydell Road, and Cornerstone Road.

Patching Crew: Patched in the Jefferson, Hardin area.

Culvert Crew: Repaired the cave-in on Longbell Road.

Equipment Operators: Worked on the back lot/stock pile.

Gravel Hauled: From Little Rock to the Road Department.

Grader Operators: Graded Swan Lake Recreational Road, Ladd area, Altheimer East Road, Wabbaseka area, Reynolds Road. Limbs were picked up in the Cherrywood area cleaning up from the storm.

Ditching Crew: Harlan Road. Boom Mower Crew: Mowed ditches on Watkins Road and in the Reydell area, Winston Road and Summers Road.

Sign Shop: Put up stop sign at Longbell and Mulberry Road. Put stop sign on Hardin Reed Road and Princeton Pike. Put road signs up at St. Paul Road, Celia Road, Abernathy Road at Highway 65 south, Abernathy Road and Belmont at highway 199, Winston Road at highway 199, put stop sign up at Townsend Road and Clemmons Road, put road sign up at Townsend Road and Clemmons Road, put bridge posting sign up at Townsend Road.

Environmental Officer: Checked for illegal dumping under various bridges and road ditches. Trash was picked up on Evans Road and Claud Road by the juvenile Clean Team.

Work done by the mechanic shop at the Road Department included replacing an air valve on a Mack truck, worked on seven-yard dump truck, repaired pressure washer, worked on hook truck and repaired road grader. Replaced mower blades on the new boom mower at Hardin. Replaced blade on grader at Wright. Replaced stop brake valve on Mack truck. Replaced blades and added hydraulic fluid on road grader.

The County Sanitation and Recycling Center processed 43.885 tons of tires last week, that’s 87,770 pounds. They picked up two trash boxes at Altheimer, one trash box at Wabbaseka, and cleaned up an illegal dumping sight on Bruce Trail. They hauled in 11 tire boxes, four paper boxes and three trash boxes.