Jail drops postcard-only mail policy

A policy that allowed detainees at the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center to mail out or receive only postcards has been rescinded.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Greg Bolin, the jail administrator, said the policy, which did not apply to legal or privilege mail, is being dropped because of court cases in other parts of the country.

“Some federal judges out West have said the policy is unconstitutional and we got a letter from the attorneys who represent the cities and counties in the state telling us if we’re doing it stop, and if we’re not doing it, don’t start,” Bolin said.

Effective last Monday, the jail’s mail officer started providing each detainee with paper and two envelopes per week that will be mailed at jail expense. Detainees also may mail as many other letters as they like, but will be responsible for the postage on them.

When the postcard policy was put into effect last year, jail officials said the change was made as a way to cut down on postage expenses, and to reduce the possibility of contraband getting into the facility.

While postcards will still be accepted, photographs or greeting cards will not, Bolin said.

The policy on detainees receiving legal or privilege mail will not change, Bolin said.