Hollingsworth far outdistances some challengers in campaign cash

Pine Bluff mayoral candidate Debe Hollingsworth has raised more than $67,000 in her bid to win the election next Tuesday, according to campaign contribution and expenditure reports filed in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office prior to the Tuesday deadline, running far ahead of four other candidates who also filed their reports on time.

Hollingsworth’s report showed she collected $67,779 and had spent $58,773.76 by Oct. 26, the day the report was filed. She had a balance of $8,005.24.

Other candidates who filed reports were Alderman Steven Mays, Peter Daniels Jr., Clarence Davis and Tim Whisenhunt.

Incumbent Mayor Carl A. Redus Jr., Alderman Thelma Walker, John James Jr. and Kent Broughton had not filed reports by mid-afternoon Wednesday. Walker and James said they would be filing reports later this week. A message left for Redus at his office was not returned and attempts to contract Broughton were unsuccessful.

Hollingsworth’s report listed 143 separate contributors, as well as a $1,750 non-monetary contribution from Harvey Sizemore for office space.


Those contributing at least $25 to Hollingsworth’s campaign were Jacque Walker, $225; Robert Gullett Jr., $250; Brenda Gullett, $250; M.K. Distributors, $250; Bob Smithey, $250; 3CG,LLC, $1,000; Pine Bluff Heating and Air Conditioning, $50; Sissy’s Log Cabin, $250; Andrew Atkinson, $200; Allison Atkinson, $200; Catherine Anne Atkinson, $200, and Drew Atkinson, $200.

Jim Hoover Family, LLC, $600; Jacqueline Taylor, $800; Kimberly K. Golden, $100; Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Stone, $100; Dr. and Mrs. Harry Ryburn, $100; Dane’s Auto Sales $600; Andrew Taylor, $200; Jay Dickey Jr., $100; Frank and Sue Merritt, $200; Rosalind Mouser, $200; Kay Waymack, $100; and Mr. and Mrs. George Walker, $200.

Conner or Gail Morsheimer, $200; Helen Pascale, $100; Leslie Mizell, $100; Gail W. Bellingrath, $200; Susan Talbot Brown, $200; Tai Pham or Thuy Nguyen, $200; David or Belinda Brown, $200; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bynum Jr., $100; Jean and Gene Hudson, $200; Ted Drake, $100; Ann White, $200, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pugh, $100.

Patricia Rhine Brown, $100; Jack and Debe Hollingsworth, $200; James and Suzanne Sullivan, $200; Clyde Campbell, $100; Thomas O. Riggins, $100; Deborah K. Attwood, $50; Maxie G. Kizer, $200; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar B. DeMaine, $200; Catalpa Business Center, $200; MFCII, $200; Oscar B. Demaine, $200; S. Ray West Jr., $100; C. Mac Norton, $200; Sissy’s Log Cabin, $400, Jack J. Hollingsworth, $200, and Walter or Marilyn Simpson, $200.

Henry F. Trotter Jr., $200, PBNB PAC, $200; IA, Inc., $200; Precision Alarm, Inc., $200; Pine Bluff Title Co., $100; Frances M. Bellingrath, $100; Smart Chevrolet, $400, Tee Pee Electronics, $200; Kim Kosmitis, D.D.C., $200; Unknown Contributor, $600, PBNB PAC, $800; S. Gaines or Bonnie Williamson, $200; Mrs. John E. Fox, $100; and Mr. and Mrs. John Stayton, $200.

Carrington Electric, $200; Dr. Michael Courtney, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bullard Jr., $200; David or Donna Massanelli, $200; B.M. Bradshaw, $100; Evelyn Horton, $100; Amy J. Johnson, $200; J. Thomas May, $200; Lisa W. Hunter, $200; Joe Clement, $100; Debbie Makris, $200; Julie Bridgforth, $200; Martin or Connie Carty, $200; Walter M. Simpson Jr., $100; C. Duke Allison Jr., $100; James F. Townsend Jr., $200; and Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Smith, $100.

Marilyn James, $100; John O. or Kim A. Lytle, $200; Jack Standley, $200; Michael or Marilyn Carter, $300; 1A Inc., $100; Mary Dale Casteel, $200; Ross or Laura Johnson, $200; John Wall, $200; Elizabeth Wall, $200; T. & D. Charter Bus Service, $100; Trudy W. Pascale, $50; Mary and Phillip McBee, $100; Sue K. Merritt, $100; Mr. and Mrs. Ryland Robinson, $50; Suzanne and Dean Chambliss, $100, Mark B. Chadick, P.A., $100; John E. Harris, $100; Harold Terry, $50; Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, $100; and B.R.A.V.E. of Pine Bluff, $100.

Graves and Associates, $100; Thomas, $200; Tom Lively, $100; Temple, $100; Lively Rentals, $200; F.M. Bellingrath III, $100; Shirley Holloway, $100; Marilyn Blackwell, $100; Diane B. Ayres, $100; Jo Brown, $100 and David Perdue, $100.

William Reid, $100; Randy McNulty, $150; Fred Reed, $150; Sacove or Cal Walker, $200; J. Thomas May, $200; David Fleming, $250; Murphy/Sissy Jones, $500; IA, Inc., $100; Mouser, $75; Townsend Jr., $75; W.C. Bridgforth, $100;

Colclasure, $125; Williamson, $150; Persumable, Inc., $200; Dr. Nancy Williams, $500; Johnson, $75; Carty, $75; Harbuck, $100; Agents Mutual, $150, and Leigh Ann Cockrum, $25. Heworth Rehabilitation Services, $100; W.G. Fakouri, $100; Nicholas Makris, $100; George Makris, $100; Claire Holmes, $100; Faron Wilson, $100; Carolyn Joe, $125; and V. Susan Oliver, $200.


The report by Peter Daniels Jr., dated Oct. 22, did not list a total for contributions received or a balance, but did show expenditures of $4,300.

Daniels received 16 contributions from individuals, including $1,500 from himself. Other contributors to Daniels campaign were as follows:

Leon Williams, $200; Patrick Lockett, $250; Jesse Turner, $100; Nathaniel Hughes, $200; Bessie Murry, $100; Sheila Brown, $150; Faullkner Collision, $200; Irene Holcomb, $500***; Mike Adam, $200; Gary Smith, $250; Simmons Bank PAC, $100: St. Mary Harris, $200; Lou Ann Johnson, $200; Thomas Williams, $500; and Issac Snyder, $100.


The report from Clarence Davis, dated Oct. 30, showed contributions of $22,553.88, expenditures of $22,008.11 and a balance of $545.77.

Davis received eight non-monetary contributions. Those were from The Woodshed for food $1,527.45; Gary Wilson, musician, $800; Veronica Insley decorator, $200; Steve Montgomery ad design $3,470; E.W. Moon for building lease $4,500; John Weaver for large signs $400; Nicholson Heat and Air for signs $287.25 and James Reed for signs and stakes $100.

Monetary contributions to Davis were from John Tate, $700; Dink Webb, $100; Cadel Welch, $100; Alan Brazelle, $100; Michelle Jones, $705; Andrew and Brenetta Flowers, $70; Russell and Sue Girl, $100; Al Glover, $100; Dr. Gordon, $500; Dr. Brenda Snow, $350; John Weaver, $500; David and Cindy Taylor, $100; Insley’s, $175; Milan Hoze, $100; Timothy Reece, $350; Delta Towing, $250.


Alderman Steven Mays filed his report Oct. 12, showing contributions of $3,050 and expenditures of $2,695, leaving a balance of $355.

Monetary contributions to Mays were made by Steven Mays Sr., $300; Steven Mays Jr., $250; PBNB PAC, $200; and Richard Warriner, $100. The report also listed contributions of $2,200 labeled volunteer campaign donations but did not list individual names.


Whisenhunt’s report listed no contributions and expenditures of $212.50 for campaign materials.

Other candidates

Both candidates for Jefferson County judge and Jefferson County sheriff turned in their campaign contribution and expenditure reports by the Tuesday deadline and those reports will appear in The Commercial in an upcoming edition.


***Although Irene Holcomb's name and that amount was listed on Peter Daniels' report, he later said he was mistaken in including it on the list. Click here to view the clarification notice.