Hollingsworth’s first regular council meeting scheduled Monday

The Pine Bluff City Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday in its first regular session under new Mayor Debe Hollingsworth, who was sworn in Tuesday, Jan. 1.

It will also be the first regular meeting for new First Ward Alderman Lloyd A. Holcomb Jr., who is succeeding his mother, Irene Holcomb. The elder Holcomb, who did not seek re-election, retired as the council’s senior member after 24 years of service.

In addition to considering six ordinances and three resolutions, the council will also be determining memberships for its administration, development and planning, economic and community development, ordinances and resolutions, public health and welfare, public safety, public works, traffic and aviation, and ways and means committees. With Irene Holcomb’s retirement, the respective senior council members are Third Ward Alderman Bill Brumett, Second Ward Alderman Wayne Easterly, Fourth Ward Alderman George Stepps and First Ward Alderwoman Thelma Walker.

Hollingsworth said Friday that a public safety committee meeting may be held before the council session if the panel’s membership is promptly decided. The ordinances and resolutions and ways and means panels are slated to meet at 5 p.m.

Among the resolutions on the agenda is a Walker-sponsored measure seeking to authorize the mayor to provide one-time monies from the city’s general fund to recapitalize the University of Arkansas/City of Pine Bluff micro-revolving loan fund, and annual funding to the UAPB Economic Research and Development Center. The research and development monies are to be employed in carrying out technical assistance to small businesses here.

The proposed one-time allotment to the loan fund calls for $100,000. The amount for the research and development program is $35,000 this year and the same each year hereafter.

The resolution was first introduced in December, but Walker asked that it be temporarily withdrawn because the city’s general fund had been depleted at that time.

The other resolutions call for:

• Appointing Walker to the Advertising and Promotion Commission, to replace Irene Holcomb. Brumett is already a member of the panel.

• Providing for placement of costs of correcting certain nuisances on tax books as delinquent taxes and collected as such.

Ordinances to receive third and final readings call for:

• Amending the current code of ordinances to add new legislation concerning speed breakers or bumps.

• Authorizing employees and officials to be reimbursed for gratuities added to meal charges when on city business.

Ordinances slated for second readings call for:

• Adopting the 2012 edition of the International Existing Building Code for city guidance.

• Revising the fire department’s policy, procedures and guidelines manual (three separate items).