Fight injustice, pastor urges

“When we see injustice, we must learn how to fight. … injustice in God’s way,” Pastor Steven King of St. Paul Baptist Church told a number of ministers gathered Sunday morning at First United Methodist Church for the annual Justice Sunday breakfast.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for himself and others regardless of skin color “for the right to be treated fairly and equally,” the Pine Bluff minister added.

“Justice and Sunday can never be separated,” Steven King said, adding that many Christians have become “too comfortable” with their lives.

Justice Sunday is sponsored locally as part of the Interested Citizens for Voter Registration annual KingFest Celebration.

The Rev. Jesse Turner of ICVR read a proclamation issued by Mayor Debe Hollingsworth urging Pine Bluff residents “to honor Dr. King through a broader commitment to volunteerism and service around pressing social issues.”

Justice Sunday also serves as a “national day of mentor recruitment to help facilitate a pathway to freedom for younger Americans,” the proclamation noted.