Emergency medical calls top fire department activity in 2012

Fifty-four percent of the calls that the Pine Bluff Fire and Emergency Services Department answered in 2012 were emergency medical calls, according to the department’s calls-for-service report.

The report indicated that the department responded to a total of 4,392 calls last year, 2,373 of them EMS calls. In 2011, the department responded to a total of 4,544 calls, with 2,441 of them, or 53.72 percent, being EMS calls.

There were 153 structure fires last year, two less than in 2011, 84 vehicle fires, three fewer than in 2011, and 266 brush/grass/rubbish fires, 32 more than in 2011.

According to the report, fire and emergency services personnel responded to 245 traffic accidents in 2012, compared with 321 in 2011, and answered a total of 289 alarms, 65 fewer than in 2011.

Four fire deaths were recorded last year, one in February, one in March and two in November

The fire prevention report for 2012 indicated that 87 fires were determined to be arson, 72 of them structures and the remainder vehicles.

The department averaged 11.91 calls per day last year, a decrease from 12.667 calls a day in 2011.

For the year, there were 80 false calls, 14 fewer than in 2011.

The report, prepared by Lt. Harold Clark, indicated the department conducted 839 inspections last year, installed 522 smoke alarms and issued 299 burning permits.