Eagle Scout hopeful uses spring break to improve bayou trail

Some teenagers use spring break as a time to shop, hang out with friends, go on vacations — but for one group of teens, spreading gravel along a walking trail was the plan.

Rhett Hunt gathered his friends and some fellow Boy Scouts to refurbish a walking trail along Bayou Bartholomew. Hunt is using the project to get the rank of Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout is the highest rank that can be achieved in the Boy Scouts of America and it’s a position held for life.

The achievement is no small task, requiring 21 merit badges and demonstration in spirit and leadership. Hunt has 19 of his badges, and the trail project is what he is using to demonstrate his ability to lead and organize others to see a project through.

“We worked on the trail during Christmas break and we are going to finish it this week,” Hunt said as he manned a shovel along with friends and family that came out to help.

The trail, which sits along Hazel Street near Highway 530, curves its way around a stretch of Bayou Bartholomew. Hunt coordinated his efforts with the Bayou Bartholomew Alliance, a local organization that tries to preserve access to the waterway and the natural beauty of the bayou.

By adding culverts and steps to some of the steeper inclines, Hunt and his friends will be turning another Pine Bluff area into a place for people to enjoy and soak in the natural surroundings that the city has to offer.