Dollarway High School technology building on schedule for spring 2012 completion

Dollarway High School is well on its way to having a new technology building on its campus.

Project architect Dave Sadler with Nelson Architectural Group, Inc., said that as of Nov. 30 the building was 48 percent complete, with a targeted completion date of April 2012.

“We are installing the roof trusses this week and will be finished with all of the exterior work within two weeks,” Sadler said. “We will most likely be finished before April but April is our official completion date.”

Sadler said that the facility will include six classrooms made up of one science lab, four computer labs, an art room and a health center.

“The building will consist of 12,000 square feet of new construction and is being built adjacent to the existing Horton-Richardson Building and will be connected to it via covered walkways,” Sadler said. “It will feature a fully equipped chemistry science lab, four up-to-date computer labs and an art room. All of these spaces will now meet state standards and feature high efficiency air-conditioning, building insulation, water saving plumbing and energy saving lighting.”

Project funding is 40 percent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds and 60 percent Arkansas State Partnership matching grants, according to Sadler.

“The ARRA funds had to be spent as of the end of November to stay within the stimulus funding requirements and we made that deadline,” Sadler said. “The stimulus portion came to $752,115 with a total project cost of $1,765,404.”

Sadler said that the primary contractor for the project is East Harding, Inc. of Little Rock.

Sadler also provided updates on construction projects at Matthews Elementary and Townsend Park Elementary in the Dollarway School District.

New restrooms and a new air conditioning system were added to the physical education gymnasium at Townsend Park, according to Sadler.

“The gym did not previously have air conditioning or restrooms,” Sadler said. “The girls and boys restrooms are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Sadler said that the $282,050 project was funded with ARRA money and was complete as of Oct. 31.

At Matthews, a new gymnasium is within two weeks of completion according to Sadler.

“The new building has 700 gross square feet of area for physical education and recreation, before and after school activities and meetings,” Sadler said. “It features high efficiency air-conditioning, building insulation, water saving plumbing and energy saving lighting.”

The $721,500 project was funded with ARRA money and is scheduled for completion within two weeks, according to Sadler.

Both elementary school projects were performed by East Harding, Inc.