Delinquent tax offenders listed

Businesses that are 90 or more days delinquent in delivering hotel or hamburger tax revenues to the City of Pine Bluff have been listed by Bob Purvis, director of the advertising and promotion department, which oversees collection procedures.

The lone hotel tax offender is Crown Motel, which is five months in arrears and owes a “conservative estimate” of $2,333.70.

Restaurants and delis — listed by name, length of delinquency, and conservative estimate of debt to the city, according to Purvis, are:

• 2 Brothers 1 Stop, 54 months, $2,163.69.

• Aisha’s Fish and Chicken, 12 months, $3,000 to $5,000.

• Big Red Fina, six months, $251.10.

• Buffie’s, five months, $124.48.

• Catfish Palace, 13 months, $748.23.

• Domino’s Pizza (Dollarway Road), 30 months, $51,192.

• Domino’s Pizza (Olive Street), 14 months, $19,443.50.

• Hazel Street Food Mart, 18 months, $886.95.

• Lil Steak House, three months, $61.56.

• Mexican Grill, three months, $257.47.

• SOS Express (Ridgway Road), 42 months, $3,885.66.

• Stop N Shop, 30 months, $2,377.75.

• Valero/Addi’s Corner, 10 months, $459.

Consumers here are assessed a 2-percent sales tax at restaurants and 3-percent levy at hotels.

A city ordinance adopted in December 2012 states that whenever a firm is notified of an infraction of city requirements, the operation’s business license may be revoked if the matter in question isn’t satisfied within 30 days. Once a license is revoked, any person or entity continuing to run the business can be cited and “shall be fined $500 for each day” the business continues to operate.