Daniels announces bid for PB mayor

Peter F. Daniels Jr. has announced he is running for Pine Bluff mayor in November.

Daniels said that if he is elected mayor, public safety and crime prevention would be his No. 1 priority.

“The past seven years Pine Bluff citizens have experienced a major decline in the city’s quality of life,” Daniels said in a press release. “Crime is out of control, economic development has become stagnant, downtown has become an eyesore and signs of gang activities are throughout the city. Pine Bluff has yet to produce a comprehensive strategy to fight crime and little or nothing has been done to address this serious problem.”

Daniels said that businesses will not locate in Pine Bluff if the issue of crime is not under control.

“Businesses are closing their doors as a result of high crime but when I am elected this will change,” Daniels said. “Pine Bluff needs a mayor that will stop the decay and decline of our city, because the loss of population destroys our tax base which is critical to basic services. As mayor I aim to work hard to restore safety to our streets. Law breakers will be dealt with swiftly and strongly. As mayor, Pine Bluff will no longer be the law enforcement training grounds for other cities; we will pay first responders at a rate competitive with other cities.”

Daniels said another one of his top priorities will be bringing openness and transparency back to the mayor’s office. He said his office would truly have an open-door policy.

“As mayor, Pine Bluff will reclaim the quality of life that has been lost under this administration,” Daniels said. “This will be the city in southeast Arkansas where all citizens want to live, do business and raise a family.

A businessman, Daniels has previously run for Pine Bluff mayor.