Crime victims receive $388,000 from reparations board

The Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Board paid $388,655.68 in reparations to victims of crime in Arkansas in last month, according to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.

Victims of crime in four Southeast Arkansas counties received $68,511.89 from the board, with the majority of that going to victims in Jefferson County, which received $57,193.61 for 13 new cases and three supplemental awards.

Other Southeast Arkansas counties that received reparations for crime victims, the amount paid and the number of cases were as follows:

• Arkansas County, $4,534.48 for two cases.

• Dallas County, $75. for one supplemental case.

• Drew County, $1,535.90 for one new case.

Victims of violent crime in the state may be eligible for reparations to reimburse them for expenses related to the crime such as medical treatment or mental health counseling.

Most awards are limited to $10,000 or less but awards can be made up to $25,000 for some victims who receive catastrophic injuries.

Now in its 26th year, the Arkansas Crime Victims Reparation Fund receives money from court costs and fees, as well as fines imposed on convicted criminals.

In 2012, the board awarded $3,930,971.02 in reparations to victims.