County officials to meet Monday about 2014 budget

Jefferson County’s elected officials and department heads will meet Monday to talk about the 2014 budget.

In a memo sent March 7, King said “It is crucial that we are all well informed of the current financial circumstances of the county and committed to working together to overcome these obstacles. We must be in agreement in how to survive, set achievable goals, and identify opportunities to be more efficient and effective with our available resources.”

King said one of the goals of the meeting will be to find funds to absorb increases in insurance premiums that county employees have had to pay.

“With county-wide cooperation and commitment, those increases can be absorbed by the county allowing our employees to take home more of their earnings next year,” King said. “We would only have to free up $149,953.92 in revenue to achieve this goal. There is even potential to exceed that number.”

The meeting is set from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Quorum Courtroom and attendance will be limited to two people per department.

Members of the Quorum Court also have been invited to attend.