County crime stats show decline in July

Fueled by a sharp drop in reported felony thefts and a slight decline in residential burglaries, reported crimes in Jefferson County decreased in July, compared to the previous month.

According to the sheriff’s department monthly report, there were 198 total offenses reported, compared to 240 in July, 2012.

A break-down of all reported felony thefts showed five for July, 2013, compared to 19 from July, 2012. But misdemeanor thefts ($1,000 or less) jumped from three in July, 2012 to 19 for July, 2013.

There were six reported residential burglaries in July, one fewer than for the same month a year ago, while commercial burglaries dropped from two to one.

The report showed aggravated assaults declined from two in July, 2012 to one in July, 2013, while there was an increase of one simple or misdemeanor assault in July, 2013 from none in July, 2012.

Third-degree domestic battery incidents in July, 2012 and July, 2013 remained the same at 11 each, and non-domestic battery third-degree incidents stayed the same at two for each year.

Two violations of protection orders were reported in July, half the number from July, 2012.

Five people were arrested for public intoxication or drinking in public in July, four more than a year ago.

Four arrests were made for carrying a weapon in July, compared to none in July, 2012, and there were two incidents of committing a terroristic act, one for shooting at an object that caused property damage, the other for causing physical injury.

According to the report, there were a total of nine driving while intoxicated arrests in July, three of those for drugs. That was four more than in July, 2012.

Looking at other traffic offenses, two arrests were made for driving while license suspended for DWI, that was three fewer than in July, 2012 but arrests for driving while license suspended or revoked for other reasons doubled from two in July, 2012 to four in July, 2013.

One citation was issued for failure to provide proof of insurance in July, one for failure to yield at a stop sign and one for running a stop sign.

There was one dog bite reported in July and one other animal complaint, the same as from the previous year.