Council to consider sagging garments, new police headquarters

The Pine Bluff City Council will be looking at waistlines at its Monday night meeting — not directly, but with a proposed ordinance.

A measure sponsored by Alderman Charles Boyd calls for “prohibiting a person in public view from wearing pants or skirts below the waistline that exposes undergarments or skin on certain public property.”

The proposal seeks to stop persons from wearing “short or long pants or a skirt more than 3 inches below the top of the waistline,” which is further defined as the “crest of ilium.” It states that “exposing skin or undergarments is contrary to general societal norms and community standards.”

Currently, convicted violators would be fined $25 for a first offense. The fine would increase $25 for each additional offense. The maximum fine on a fifth or additional conviction would be $100.

Meanwhile, the council will also consider an ordinance directing that the former Army Reserve/National Guard Armory at 1000 South Myrtle Street be utilized as a new location for the city’s police department, which is presently headquartered at the civic center.

The ordinance is being co-sponsored by Aldermen Glen Brown, Steven Mays and George Stepps and Alderwoman Thelma Walker.

The bill states that the facility is “well suited to serve as the new site” of the department and would be its “most affordable and ready option.” Earlier efforts on relocating the department focused in the downtown area as a means of helping to revitalize the district.

Both ordinances are slated to receive their first readings.