Council’s agenda includes 11 items

Eleven items — six ordinances and five resolutions — are on the agenda for the Pine Bluff City Council’s Monday meeting at the civic center. The session will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers, after a 4 p.m. public safety committee meeting and 5 p.m. gatherings of the ordinances and resolutions and ways and means committees.

The ordinances, all slated for first readings, call for:

• Providing for the rezoning of 1.5 acres at the southeast corner of the the intersection of West Pullen and North Sycamore streets to R-4 residential;

• Providing for the rezoning of roughly four-tenths of an acre at the southwest corner of the intersection of South Cherry Street and West 42nd Avenue to B-1 commercial;

• Providing for the rezoning of approximately 17.6 acres at the southeast corner of the intersection of Interstate 530 and Old Warren Road to B-3 commercial;

• Creating a privilege fee of 4 percent of their salaries for non-resident department heads as a condition of employment with the city;

• Addressing the hours of sale and operation during which alcoholic beverages may be served in commercial establishments and private clubs; and

• Amending current codes regarding outdoor solicitation regulations to make it unlawful to operate a roadside produce stand “to sell or attempt to sell any perishable fruits or vegetables in any location within the city limits, except the Saracen Landing Farmer’s Market,” allow the sale of “non-potentially hazardous foods, such as bakery products, candy, fruit butter and jellies” and “homemade crafts” at the farmer’s market, and requiring all sellers to obtain permits and approvals through the parks and recreation department.

The resolutions call for:

• Reappointing Ken Johnson to the Pine Bluff Aviation Commission;

• Expressing the willingness of the city to utilize state aid street money for West 13th Avenue improvements;

• Amending a previous resolution so as to correct parcel numbers for certain properties declared to be nuisances;

• Authorizing the mayor to negotiate a lease agreement with the management of The Pines shopping mall for space to house the patrol division of the police department; and

• Authorizing renovation of the Merrill Center and appropriating funds for that purpose.