Clouds of green signal arrival of spring

Pollen has arrived in Pine Bluff over the past several days in the form of billowing clouds, making its presence felt by obscuring the horizon in a fuzzy haze of greenish-yellow that has coated cars and trucks in a dusty film of powder.

Dennis Bailey, staff chairman with the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service, said trees are the primary culprits.

“The pine trees and some of the hardwoods are putting out a lot of pollen right now,” Bailey said.

A local car wash has seen an uptick in business thanks to the pollen.

“We hate to see it rain because it washes all the pollen away,” said Vernon Scallion of Scallions Car Wash and Lube Center in Pine Bluff. “We wash the cars, and as we dry them a fine mist of pollen will fall on them while we’re finishing. Some people hate the pollen so much they get their car washed twice a day.”

“They do a good, good job,” said customer Mary Jo Lites.