George Makris, chairman of the Economic Development Corp. of Jefferson County, which oversees appropriations of revenues generated by a three-eighths cent sales tax approved by voters in 2011 and earmarked for job development, said that a Friday article on the Horizon Foods plant here contained misinformation.

The article states that Makris did not know of the plant’s recent closing or Horizon Vice President Rory Botto’s 2000 conviction on a federal bank fraud charge until reading accounts in Tuesday’s edition of The Commercial.

Makris said he learned of the closing through Tuesday’s article, but actually became aware of Botto’s conviction through an article in the March 14, 2012, edition of The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The Democrat-Gazette article was published after the local tax board had approved a $329,000 incentive loan to Horizon, and the information on Botto’s conviction pertained to Botto’s dealings with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.