Chelsea Clinton visits Pine Bluff for story on Annette Dove

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton was in Pine Bluff on Thursday, conducting interviews for her new employer, NBC News.

Chelsea Clinton was working on a story about Annette Dove, the director of the TOPPS (Targeting Our People’s Priority with Service) program, according to police Lt. Shirley Warrior, who was also interviewed for the story.

“They called me and we did a brief interview by phone before they came down here,” Warrior said. “They toured the city yesterday (Wednesday) and then today we met in front of Mae’s Army Store on Barraque Street where they did the interviews.”

Warrior said Dove has been instrumental in helping the department with a number of programs, including providing food for for various youth camps like the basketball and baseball camps the department conducted.

“Anytime we put on an event we try to have food because we know some kids don’t get a good breakfast or lunch and somebody told me to contact Ms. Dove,” Warrior said. “I did and she said no problem, and anytime we need anything extra, she’s right there to help.”

Police Capt. Greg Shapiro said the department assigned two officers to provide security and help with traffic while the interviews were conducted.

In addition to Dove and Warrior, Clinton also talked to Mayor Carl A. Redus Jr. Thursday.