Central Moloney to recall 50 laid-off employees

Central Moloney, Inc. is preparing to recall approximately 50 of its employees who were laid off earlier this year, according to a company spokesman.

“We are preparing to finalize our recall effort in direct response to increasing demand from some of our key customers,” said Vice President of Human Resources and Quality Assurance Chris Hart. “All of these employees that we are attempting to recall are displaced employees we laid off in hopes of being able to bring them back shortly. Our hopes have come to fruition.”

Hart said that the employee recall is evidence of real growth in the overall economy.

“We typically experience small fluctuations that raise our production rates during the summer months but this recall is based upon much more than that,” Hart said. “This is a rebound from some of our key customers. It is also a return on our continued investment to efficiently build the industry’s highest quality product.”

The company has experienced two rounds of layoffs this year including a June 21 announcement of between 40 and 50 employees; and a Feb. 7 announcement of 80 employee layoffs.

Personnel management

“We have worked with [employee union] IBEW [International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers] Local 1658 to develop a process that allows us to minimize disruption through a seniority-based layoff process,” Hart said in February.

“We do this in cooperation with the union to minimize the disruption to and displacement of individuals and to maximize our potential. This is a major component of our collective bargaining agreement with the local. It has been in place for many, many years,” he said at the time.

“Our goal is to keep the most senior employees here because they’ve earned it and because they are the most knowledgeable,” Hart said in June.