Alderman wants focus on keeping lake, surrounding area clean

Pine Bluff Alderman Lloyd Holcomb Jr. believes state-owned Lake Saracen here is in need of cleaning and a watchful eye, and he wants local citizens and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to participate in the effort.

Holcomb is addressing the matter with a resolution to be introduced at Monday’s 5:30 p.m. city council meeting at the civic center. The session will follow 5 p.m. gatherings of the ordinances and resolutions, and ways and means committees.

Holcomb, the council’s lone freshman, refers to the 500-acre lake as “a centerpiece of the city” in the legislation, also noting that it is “the site of developments such as Lake Saracen Landing and Walking Trail.”

The alderman believes keeping the lake and surrounding area “free of litter, trash and other unsightly items” helps in improving the city’s quality of life.

Thus, Holcomb is urging citizens who reside near Lake Saracen to maintain a favorable appearance on their properties and users of the lake and its facilities to help in keeping the site free of “trash and litter.” Holcomb is encouraging the AG&FC to take active steps in supporting the effort by preventing unlawful dumping.

Holcomb’s measure also would authorize the mayor to “partner “with the state agency in combating littering of the lake and “its environs,” utilizing the services of the city’s police, zoning and inspection and other departments in the process.

The resolution also recommends that the mayor should declare a clean-up day, energizing the effort with involvement of individuals as well as “other interested public and private agencies.”

Lake Saracen is a popular fishing spot, and a primary feature of the lake is the 10,080-square-foot Saracen Landing pavilion that is easily visible from the adjacent Martha Mitchell Expressway. The pavilion is available to individuals and groups for meetings, concerts, reunions, weddings and other events. The Saracen Landing area also features picnic shelters with grills and is also home to a farmers market.