2 seek District 8 Justice of the Peace seat

The Jefferson County District 8 Justice of the Peace contest features Republican candidate Roy Agee and Democratic candidate Verdell Baker in the Tuesday election. The winner will fill the quorum court seat left vacant by the death of Justice of the Peace Cleddie Shock.


Roy Agee has served on the White Hall School District Board of Directors since 2005 and wants to expand his public service to the office of Justice of the Peace.

“I have a long history with community organizations and this keeps me in touch with the direction the people are heading and the direction that the people want to go,” Agee said. “This is one of the fastest growing areas of the county and I believe that I can help to steer it in the right direction.”

Agee said that he has served on the board of directors of numerous local and state organizations.


Attempts to locate Verdell Baker for comment were unsuccessful. She was a previous candidate for the position.