Saint Marion youth choir attends national congress

The Consolidated St. Marion Baptist District Youth Choir attended the 107th annual session of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education June 18-22 at St. Louis.

Eighty youth participated in classes, lectures and other activities. At rally rehearsals, the groups prepared for the special youth program held June 22.

The highlight of the week took place June 21 when the St. Marion District Youth Choir presented three selections before the National Congress President George W. Waddles Sr. made his annual address.

“The music was superb,” a spokesman said. “The choir’s appearance, decorum, and performance were outstanding. The choir inspired and warmed the hearts of the entire audience.”

The culminating event was held Friday when the Children’s Rally presented a historical pageant honoring outstanding leaders of the Children’s Division. Doris Terry, director of Youth Rally, was honored for 35 years of service. She retired and received a plaque.

The Kevin Crumpton Jr., district youth president, served as a lead soloist during the Children’s Rally. Taiveon Harris participated in the dance group.

The Youth Rally’s theme was “The Long Road Home,” a pageant based on the Biblical story of the “Prodigal Son.” The pageant consisted of songs, drama, dance, mime and an orchestra. The youth of St. Marion sang in the choir with a large number of other youth from many places.

The trip was sponsored by the Consolidated Saint Marion District. For more than two years, the officers of the district led a variety of fundraisers. With contributions from 12 churches of the district, donations from friends and individuals and the cooperation of dedicated workers of the district, the district raised approximately $53,000.

Several chaperones accompanied the youth on the trip. The Robert Handley is moderator and Hilda May is the women’s president.