Alleluia! The Lord is risen

The events of Easter have always fascinated me, not least of all, of course, the miracle of the Resurrection. What a tremendous example of the power of God at work in raising Jesus bodily from the grave, and what a show of love.

To think that the same power of love is at work in us, transforming us, uniting the divine and human. It overwhelms the senses and inspires awe. A love beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend or express, yet readily available to experience and grow within — in this life and into the next.

Another event that I focus on during Easter is the courage of those brave women who loved Jesus, and their willingness to go to the tomb to complete the process of preparing His body for burial. They had to know as they crossed the city toward the tomb that it had been sealed, and that a guard was in place to keep people away.

Certainly, they knew that they could be arrested, charged with being Jesus’ conspirators, or trying to steal the body in order to make it seem that His prophecy of “resurrection” had come true? Most curious to me is how these few women expected to remove the stone placed in front of the tomb and sealed by several men, even if they got to the place where he was buried unimpeded.

Who would help them remove the stone? How could they hope to do so on their own? Yet, when the women arrived at the place of the tomb all of those worries, I might have had, mattered naught — the stone was removed, the guards had run off, and Jesus’ body was not there, He had risen from the dead!

Many of us live in tombs of our own making, living into death rather than new life. These tombs are hewn out of sin, and a worldly focus. There are huge stones of doubt and fear that keep us entombed in our sin. But, beloved, the same power that raised the dead, and removed the stone from the tomb of Jesus, can raise us from the tombs we have created, and cast away the stones that have kept us trapped!

That is the Glory of the Resurrection! It is at work now, just as on that morning Jesus rose from the dead, and we are the recipients of that love! Let us live into resurrection, giving up the way of death for the way of everlasting life in the closer presence of our loving God. Alleluia! The Lord is Risen!

The Rev. Walter Van Zandt Windsor is rector at Trinity Episcopal Church.

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