Real estate

The following Jefferson County properties were transferred or sold recently with recording date, amount (if property was sold), owner, previous owner and address of property, according to the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office:

Oct. 4, $107,000, Scott W. Robbins and Melissa M. Robbins, Alva Brantley and wife, 5209 Ramick Road, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)

Oct. 4, $4,000, Travestine Angel Lovett, Bennie Lovett and wife, 2903 W. 10th Ave. Oct. 4, $12,000, Robert Earl Blackwell and Darlene Blackwell, 3413 Jonquil St., Pine Bluff.

Oct. 4, $50,000, June M. Lacy and James Turner Bradford Jr. and wife, 209 Haynes Drive, Pine Bluff.

Oct. 4, $120,000, Helen O. Moseley, Richard A. Carpenter and wife, 1316 Hazelwood Drive, White Hall. Oct. 4, $130,000, Rhonda F. Boyd, Timothy Fisher, 8 Buckshot Cove, Pine Bluff.

Oct. 5, $4,000, Robert Hamer, Granville R. Oneal and wife, 2614 S. Cherry St., Pine Bluff. Oct. 6, $25,000, Talon Property Management Inc., Denalda Crowder, 404 W. 27th Ave., Pine Bluff.

Oct. 6, $19,000, Monchie D. Biram and Betty J. Biram, Sanders Hill LLC, Sander’s Hill s/d, lot 019, White Hall.

Oct. 6, Robert Peyton, David R. Dean and wife, Taylor and Greenfield add., block 027, lot 014, Pine Bluff.