Women invited to participate in breast cancer research project

Spit for the Cure, a breast cancer research study by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, invites women to participate at an event to be held Friday at Watkins Chapel Baptist Church, 800 S. Juniper St. in Pine Bluff.

Spit for the Cure collects saliva samples from thousands of women age 18 and older and is being conducted with the support of the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute. It is designed to establish one of the largest and most rapidly assembled groups of women to aid in the study of breast cancer.

The research event will be held from 10 a.m t0 2 p.m. at Watkins Chapel Baptist Church. To participate, just drop by and give a saliva sample. Lead researchers for the UAMS study are Dr. Susan Kadlubar, and Dr. Suzanne KlimbergFor more information, contact the study office at (501) 686-8326 or by e-mail at spitforthecure@uams.edu.

The saliva samples will be used to create a DNA database for future studies related to breast cancer risk and treatment. Participants also will be asked to answer a short questionnaire and indicate if they would be willing to participate in follow-up studies. All information will be kept confidential.

“It has become clear that an individual’s inherited profile and environmental exposures will decide, to a large degree, that individual’s risk of developing breast cancer,” Klimberg said. “We will use the DNA samples to advance breast cancer research in a variety of areas.”

“It is easy to participate and only takes a few minutes,” Kadlubar said.