Watson Chapel announces spelling bee winners

Watson Chapel School District recently named winners in spelling bees.

The district winner was Kendall Withers, a 6th grader at Coleman Intermediate School, and the runner-up was Tyrese Murray, a 4th grader at Coleman. The district spelling bee, comprised of winners and runners-up from 4th through 8th grade, was held Dec. 10 in the Watson Chapel High School auditorium.

At the Edgewood Elementary Spelling Bee, Braxton Cowart was the kindergarten class winner and Xzavier Proctor was the runner-up. Mikayla Powell was the first grade winner and Marquez Brentley was the runner-up.

The L.L. Owen Spelling Bee winner for the second grade was Torren Jackson. Hytaecia Gray was the runner-up. Denya Alghazali won the third grade class and Joaquin Williams was the runner-up.

The Coleman Intermediate Spelling Bee results were 4th grade winner, Tyrese Murray, runner-up Hayle King; 5th grade winner, McKayya Freeman, runner-up, Khrystina McBryde; and 6th grade winner, Kendall Withers, runner-up, Regan Huber.

The Watson Chapel Junior High Spelling Bee was held Dec. 5. The winner for the seventh grade was Allyson Bumpas and the runner-up was Zachary Rushing. The winner for the eighth grade was William Duke and the runner-up was Madelyn Vanveckhoven.