Star City council authorizes pursuit of grant funds

The Star City City Council on Monday unanimously approved two resolutions seeking $200,000 in grant funds.

Economic Development Coordinator Dwayne Snyder said one of the resolutions authorizes Mayor Gene Yarbrough to apply for a $150,000 GIF Funded Community Enhancement Grant from the Arkansas Rural Development Commission. If received, the money could be used for general improvement of city assets, Snyder said.

“If we’re approved, that would be a good boost to do some things, to remodel, to update, so on and so forth,” Snyder said.

The other resolution authorizes Yarbrough to apply for a $50,000 GIF grant to buy equipment for the Star City Fire Department.

The mayor asked Snyder how much the Fire Department had in Act 833 funds. (The Arkansas State Legislature passed Act 833 in 1991 to supplement funding for local volunteer fire departments by collecting a percentage from fire insurance premiums. Every certified fire department in Lincoln County receives an equal share of the funds each year.)

Snyder estimated Star City has about $72,000 or $73,000.

Councilman Kelly Goins, who also serves as the assistant fire chief, said the department was recently looking at a used truck to supplement the department.

“I think it will become available the first of the year,” Goins said. “I think it was $87,000 (or) $88,000.”

Goins said he thought the truck was a 2006 or 2007 model.

“A new truck is $200,000,” Goins said, adding that the department is “really in need” of a new truck.

“We got one good pumper is what we got,” Goins said.

Councilman Pete Kiefhaber asked if the city could combine the two grants — if the city receives both — and use the money to buy a fire truck.

Snyder said he didn’t know if the $150,000 grant could be used for a fire truck.

“I’ll look at it and see,” he said.