Ridgway students win top awards at UAPB Science Fair

Out of the 46 entries Ridgway Christian School had in the junior and senior divisions, 30 received top awards.

Jacob Andersen, a freshman at Ridgway, won the overall award for the 4 year full ride scholarship to UAPB for his project on phytoremediation of oil with indigenous species of plants.

Awards include:

Overall Best of Fair Award: Jacob Andersen

UAPB Agriculture and Fisheries Award: Jacob Andersen.

UAPB Environmental Science and Environmental Management Award: Peyton Aulds.

Junior Division:

Environmental Science: Hannah Humphrey, 1st; Taylor Owen, 2nd; and Caleb Hickman, 3rd.

Materials Engineering: Jeremy Ward, 1st; Kaitlyn Bolton, 2nd.

Health/Medicine: Catherine Anderson, 2nd.

Plants: Jaicie Cheshier, 3rd.

Team: Anna Grace Wright and Garet Reginio, 1st.

Senior Division

Animal Science: Lauren Rose, 1st.

Behavioral Science: Gabe Harris, 1st.

Molecular/Cellular Biology: Abbie Nicholson, 3rd.

Chemistry: Kayla Stone, 1st, Kristen Cole, 3rd.

Earth and Planetary Science: Liz Lawrence, 2nd; Andrew McMahan, 3rd.

Materials Engineering: Caitlin McGough, 2nd; Mason Norsworthy, 3rd.

Energy/Transportation: Demetrius McCullough, 1st; Lucas Blake, 2nd.

Environmental Management: Jasmine Rowland, 1st; Madison Heflin, 2nd.

Environmental Science: Peyton Aulds, 1st, Ezra Tole, 3rd.

Medicine/Health: Cody Andersen; 1st, Blake Pennington, 2nd, Paige Topping, 3rd.

Physics/Astronomy: Jared Bishop, 3rd.

Plant Science: Jacob Anderson, 1st; Patrick Morrisey, 3rd.

Ridgway Christian School’s science teachers are Diedre Young and Beverly Brown.