Press conference on bar closing times scheduled Thursday

A press conference will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday in the mayor’s conference room at the Pine Bluff Civic Center to discuss the proposed ordinance ordinance amending the city code to change the hours of operations for private clubs and

commercial establishments selling alcohol.

The press conference will be Rev. Eddie Harris and Rev. Gary Bell, co-chairs of the Church Outreach Committee.

The committee is composed of pastors “who have come together to help revitalize our city,” a press release from the mayor’s office said.

“One of their goals among many is to support the mayor in her vision to reduce our crime rate,” the press release said. “During the mayor’s campaign she developed a five point platform based on input received from the citizens of Pine Bluff. The most urgent need was to reduce crime and this ordinance will be one step towards accomplishing that goal.”

Details: Contact the mayor’s office at 870-730-2004.