National Park Service joins youth initiative, ICVR says

The Interested Citizens for Voter Registration Inc. is excited about the recent announcement by the National Parks Service joining with the National Alliance of Faith and Justice’s PEN OR PENCIL: Writing A New History program, a spokesman said.

PEN stands for “Penitentiary” and PENCIL represents “Education.” ICVR of Pine Bluff is Arkansas’ lead PEN OR PENCIL affiliate, according to Rev. Jesse Turner, executive director of ICVR.

“PEN OR PENCIL: Writing A New History has been endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies for its academic approach and distinguished by the White House as one of the leading mentoring networks in the country,” Derrick L. Newby Sr., president ICVR, said.

The program is recognized by the National Association of State Directors of Special Education and the National Disability Rights Network as an approach for promoting educational success and reducing delinquency. The program combines mentoring with positive youth development as a foundation for understanding and applying civil and human rights to respect the law, he said.