Maxwell appointed to Hardwood Federation Board

Tommy Maxwell of Monticello, AR has been appointed to the Hardwood Federation Board of Directors representing the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

“NWFA looks forward to having Tommy Maxwell’s leadership represent our association on the Hardwood Federation Board of

Directors,” said Michael Martin, NWFA CEO and President. “Tommy’s background, having served on numerous hardwood, flooring, banking, and business boards including both the NWFA and NOFMA Board of Directors, makes him a unique candidate who understands nearly all of the issues that the Hardwood Federation works to advance in Washington, D.C. Having worked with him on the NWFA Board of Directors, I can say first hand that Tommy’s

clear headed vision and focus on the future will be a tremendous asset to the Federation.”

Maxwell is the president and CEO of Maxwell Hardwood Flooring, Inc. He is also co-owner of Townsend Inc. in Warren.