Jack Robey students hold a mock election

Students of Jack Robey Junior High School hosted a mock election for students and faculty Oct. 31 during first period.

Twenty-three students, known as the Jack Robey Junior High School Election Commission, gave out ballots to students and teachers and counted the ballots.

Once an individual cast their vote, a sticker was given, just like at an actual election. The election commission students felt honored and proud to enable their fellow students to vote, according to Shelina Warren, a teacher.

Students reacted to the project.

“It made students feel like they had a voice and they were heard,” Jordan Iverson, an election commission student said.

Kavon Neal, an election commission student, said if someone asked him why they should vote he had an answer.

“I would ask them do you care about your future because if you do, you should vote,” Neal said.

Jack Robey election results were submitted online, in conjunction with the Youth Leadership Initiative National Mock Election, to participate nationally and statewide with other schools.