Flowers named assistant President Pro Tem

LITTLE ROCK — State Sen. Stephanie Flowers, D-Pine Bluff, will be assistant President Pro Tem for the fourth District during the 2013 legislative session.

She represents Senate District 25, which includes parts of Arkansas, Desha, Jefferson, Lincoln, Monroe and Phillips Counties.

Flowers was appointed by Sen. Michael Lamoureux, President Pro Tem of the Senate for the 89th General Assembly. Flowers’ role requires her to communicate and develop strategy with the senators from south Arkansas, whose state Senate districts fall within the Fourth Congressional District.

“There are five freshmen senators in the Fourth District,” Flowers said. “Anything I can do to reduce their learning curve helps President Lamoureux and helps the Senate run more smoothly. I’m honored that Senator Lamoureux had the confidence in me to appoint me as Assistant Pro Tem.”

Flowers will serve on the Senate Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Labor and the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development.

“I couldn’t be happier with my committee assignments because they will consider so much legislation that affects Pine Bluff and the farming and timber growing regions I represent,” Flowers said.

Between legislative sessions, Flowers will chair the Senate Committee on Children and Youth, which oversees state government programs for troubled children, foster care, adoption services, juvenile detention and special needs children.

She will be a member of the Joint Budget Committee, which reviews every state agency spending request. All appropriations for state government spending originate in this committee.

Also, she will serve on the Legislative Council, an interim committee that monitors state government operations. A subcommittee of the council reviews personnel changes and promotions of state employees.

Flowers was a member of the House of Representatives for six years and was elected to the Senate in 2010.