Commissioner presents plat map to Jefferson County

Commissioner of State Lands John Thurston presented Jefferson County with a reproduction of the original general land office plat map for Township 5 South, Range 9 West on Thursday at the Jefferson Courthouse.

This plat is of the township that contains the present day county seat and courthouse. The original plat maps were drawn from the field notes of the survey of the Louisiana Purchase which began in the fall of 1815 and continued until the mid-1850s. The notes at the bottom describe the parcel of land, when it was surveyed, by whom and the date when the plat was certified. The plat given is dated 1828.

The Commissioner of State Lands office at the state capitol building was renovated in late 2012 to preserve and showcase the historic land office records they hold in trust.

Thurston said he was proud to be able to present this plat to Jefferson County on behalf of his office for the citizens of the county.

“Jefferson County is full of so much wonderful history. It is my desire that our office continues to do its part in preserving the past so that our children and grandchildren can learn about Arkansas’s land history,” Thurston said.

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