Clean and Beautiful plans Martha Mitchell Expressway project

The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Clean & Beautiful Commission is planning a project to “take back” landscaped sites along Martha Mitchell Expressway that have been neglected.

Corners and intersections along Martha Mitchell Expressway — key entryway sites for Pine Bluff — were landscaped a number of years ago, but have since become overgrown and obtrusive.

Clean & Beautiful Executive Director Kelli Kennedy plans to renew these sites and make them welcoming once again.

Kennedy’s plan is in phases as Clean & Beautiful funding allows:

• Phase 1 — The initial clean up, which is taking place now. Trees and shrubs will be pruned and dead and wild plants removed.

• Phase 2 — Evaluate remaining plants to see what needs to be moved or kept.

• Phase 3 — Improve the sites and bring them to a more sophisticated level of landscaping that will better blend with other sites throughout the city. Retaining walls will be installed and colorful plants added. The sites can be changed with the seasons.

“I am very excited to begin this project,” Kennedy said. “I think it will do wonders to improve the impression that people get when coming into Pine Bluff. I also think that it is just good policy to first get all of our existing projects and locations to the places they need to be before I start adding new projects to the list to be taken care of. Hopefully, this will help kick-off the city’s great plans for improvement that are currently taking place.”